a ebummer

Hopefully, I wont bite the bullet, but im going to fire the gun.

For awhile here, m_wright was a known character.

Example :"Ive got a list of 200 loop holes in this shit site, dont believe me, i'll start posting code".  Not to mention if you do a yahoo or google search on him, "m_wright ebaumsworld" it appears he left his mark on another users about me section.

Why the f is his profile blank. there are no meta tags when you do a page info.


Here we go, like usaghi said(sorry, cant spell you name, its the london guy that move to china or japan with his wife in a small apartment) in order to find information out, what conspiracy can we create?

Why is his page this way, is he delete and no longer welcome back, did he get the 404?

Is he working for you guys?

Come on, pepperpeanut wouldnt answer, I sent two emails, the first one was over a month or so,(which with all the site fuck ups may or may not sent) and the last one was tonight. Yeah i didnt give him fair chance to reply, but I wanted the ebaumers to learn about the same thing.

You say, who cares? I do, when i want to look at you guys cool uploaded stuff from time to time, in which for a while there m_wright and me butted heads, I caused some rockus with another company he was affiliated with and we reconciled. Never exchanged emails, and I'm just curious right now.

Whats the scoop admins? What did we miss out on?


Uploaded 09/18/2009
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