a fantasy?

   i walk 5 miles a day. sometimes with a 60 pound ruck sack, and sometimes just with 5 pounds of water in my Camelback. five miles is a bit to walk if you've never walked it. it is very cathartic; giving you at least about 2 hours all to yourself to think, dream, argue, or work out problems with yourself. the route i take goes down past my kids school, past my old middle school, down to the I-820 bridge, up the access road going west, back over a bridge going across I-820, back east on the access road and back towards my house. my re-occuring fantasy happens after i pass over the bridge and start going east on the access road.

   if you look up as you are passing over the bridge, north, you will see an exculsive area set aside off the interstate that is the home of many millionaires. it rests on a small mountain (a mountain for north Texas that is) and contains many houses priced over one mil plus. this community has groundskeepers, gates, security guards, and the police show special interest in keeping these citizens especially safe.

    heavily wooded, this particular area would be perfect cover for what i want to do. lots of trees, vines, high grass overlooking the busy interstate. it wouldnt be too hard to sneak over the fence and get a nice vantage point from one of thoes million dollar homes back yard where i could set up. i would obviously have to murder everyone in the house that i have picked out. cant have anyone screwing up my plans, lol! nightfall would be the best time, but daytime would suffice if the timing was right.

   i could easily hide my high powered rifle with scope in some bushes nearby with other materials in a camoflauged bag like a flashlight, rope, tape, big butcher knife, and a silenced 9mm. at night the access roads see little to no traffic and no one would pay attention if i had to stop on the side of the road. i could return later, acting like i was on my normal everyday walk that i take and impliment my plan.

     in my rucksack, i could hide my camo suit and face paint. quietly sneak over the low fence with my rifle and materials and make my way into cover to change and paint up. after i am done getting ready, then make my way up the steep side of the hill and into my designated backyard. i would prefer to find someone home because if someone is home the alarm is less likely to be on and the doors unlocked making my job that much easier. taking out the rich, over confident inhabitants of the house shouldnt be too hard.

     slithering in unannounced, i should be able to get the drop on them and the first deaths that day would either be at the end of my blade or from silenced nine. i would then make my way back outside to my position overlooking the interstate and from there begin to pick off drivers. as i begin to pop unsuspecting motorists and watch their cars, trucks, and SUVs careen out of control and smash into oncomming trafic or the guardrail resulting in mass confusion and complete anarchy i know a smile would be forming.

  can you imagine the chaos? the obscene ammount of death? that would put a kink in the day of the motorists along I-820!

this is just a story, people. i really didnt think about it that much.


Uploaded 09/15/2009
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