a few questions

I have a few questions. mainly just because I do not understand Americans.

why is it, that 2/3 of Americans think drilling is the answer, when all experts are saying otherwise?

why is it they get angry when Obama changed his mind on offshore drilling but wouldn't get ellected because 2/3 of you think obama is wrong on that issue?

also why is no one mad McCain flip flopped on this issue???? he was orignially against it till he found out it was more popular to be for it.

why wouldn't you want a Muslim President, maybe they would hate you less and be willing to not attack you??????

why is it you are demanding lower taxes when any other country in the world would raise taxes because YOUR FIGHTING A WAR!!!!

why are you still fighting the war???

if Georgia had've been part of NATO, would we be in world war three right now???????

why is thier a NATO???

now please don't just call me fucking dumb, I want to hear real answer to these questions.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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