A Fictional Theory of Everything The Head Up Your Ass Blues

I've been refining this and writing different stories about this for awhile now...It's all made up, though it's potentially feasible.  Some of it came from dreams...


"The universe is made from the interaction of Inertia (which is raw Awareness) and Motion (which is pure Idea). Idea (Motion) has a mass of negative infinity and is omnipresent due to its faster-than-light speeds in its natural un-tampered state. When Idea (Motion) interacts with Awareness (Inertia), it gains mass and slows into more localized and therefore more defined patterns. Eventually, Idea (Motion) may inherit a positive mass from its interactions with Awareness (Inertia) and thus becomes the familiar physical particles (atoms and the like) of which we already have some knowledge.

Universes are not created from their temporal beginnings with the Big Bang; they are made from paradoxes that create a causal chain of circular temporal events involving Awareness (Inertia). This self-perpetuating Awareness (Inertia) automatically creates Time out of the necessity to facilitate its own existence and cycles Time to the point of infinite momentum from which pure Idea (Motion) is formed. A temporal paradox involving Awareness (Inertia) is required for the creation of a universe due to the binary nature of reality. In order for something immovable (Awareness) to exist, pure Motion (Idea) must also exist in order for it to be defined. This is done viscerally in the creation of a temporal loop involving Awareness (Inertia). The solid loop of Awareness (Inertia) interacts with Idea (Motion) through to the temporal ends of space/time both forwards in Time, towards the end of the universe, and backwards in Time, towards the beginning of the universe to substantiate this paradoxal time-loop of Awareness (Inertia).
To describe the universe using the metaphor of a planar graph, the axis zero point for all planar lines is Inertia (Awareness) perhaps shedding some light on the Buddhist term for pure Awareness which is the Void. The implied infinity at the ends of every line is Idea (Motion) and the points on the four lines (for the four dimensions of time/space) represent the interaction between Motion (Idea) the energy-giver and Inertia (Awareness) the mass-giver.

The shape of the graph could be called Will and is responsible not only for the values on all the planar lines, but also the very shape of the graph (which would be planar and containing four lines in this metaphor) itself down to the inclusion and form of Inertia (Awareness) and Ideas (Motion).

The manifestation of this Will, this implicit Form to the universe is known as The Metapattern."

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