A fine example of Youtube Shittery

This blog refers to the following links disgusting content, please watch it first or none of this is going to make a great deal of sense...


During one of my all too frequent breaks from university I found myself drawn to the vast wastes of youtube, only to find that for some reason, the website thinks it knows me well enough to recommend videos that may appeal to me. Well youtube let me just say, you were way off.

The Link above takes you to one of the worst videos Ive ever seen in my life, on youtube or otherwise, and I cant for the life of me see why this video equivalent of decomposing fecal matter has had nearly four million views and has an overall rating of 4.5 stars after twenty seven thousand votes. Please if anyone has any idea why this is let me know as this is an answer that has alluded me for some time.

Visually, this video can only be described as appalling. If the people responsible for youtube knew that their labour of love was being used to showcase some pug faced chop top with eyes that look like theyve been sewn onto him as an afterthought, gurning his rubbery features into rage inducing shapes , they would more than likely be spinning in their graves, if they were dead that is.On top of that, the subject matter is enough to inspire tooth grinding to such an extent that at the end of this two minute clip, all that will be left in your mouth is a powdery mash mixed together with the blood from your lacerated gums, however its likely that any pain felt will be a welcome relief from concentrating on this idiot.

Clearly a video that has been made by a man thats spent too much time watching people watching people pooping on one anothers faces, this has to be the lowest form of pastiche on the internet at the moment.

Then theres what makemebad35 has to say right before he pisses his dignity away all over our computer screens: "

Hey Guys, I really wasnt gonna make this video but its finals week and Im going on vacation, so Ill be pretty busy and theres gonna be a big gap between video making so I figured Id throw this video out."

Not once in that entire sentence does he justify why he has inflicted his button eyes onto the world. In fact he goes so far as to say that he wasnt going to make the thing in the first place, yet here it is, hitting me in the face like some hideous pair of soiled underpants. Am I supposed to believe that someone held a gun to his head and made him do it?

Absolutely not, no one on the planet could possibly have the tolerance to have this guy in front of the business end of a gun and not pull the trigger. Anyone capable of that would be the real crazy one, not the elastic mouthed prat that we have here.

Uploaded 12/11/2009
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