A fixeth must cometh to eBaumsworld! things to fix

As an avid user for the past 5+ years, I'm writing this because I'm somewhat frustrated with the re-design (as most people are when something they're used to changes). I do want the website to succeed, so I've compiled a list of things that need/should be corrected. I've had a lot of issues lately, and I'd like to make this list to see if the developers can take note and make some corrections. If anyone else has some fixes, please feel free to post them in the comments.

1.. If you visit the website, and you do not log in, you get a large login error. This was extremely annoying over the past few days. I believe this is fixed, however I'm not 100% positive.

2. When you visit any of the sections, whether it's videos, or pictures, the text is not aligned properly. For example, let's say you click on Newest at the top, and it lists all of the Newest content, the titles of each of the content pieces is too low and should be raised. Half of the text isn't visible.

3. At the top of the screen, I would suggest putting the "Video" "Picture" buttons back. This is primarily what people visit for the site for, and it can get confusing when your options are "Newest" and "Popular". You can keep those buttons, but put quick links to both the Video and Pictures section that bring you directly to those secionts. Or perhaps make them drop down buttons so you can choose (Videos -> Newest/Popular) (Pictures -> Newest/Popular).

4. This is more of a suggestion rather than something in need of a fix. The content on the Homepage seems all over the place. If there are some way to more clearly define each section, perhaps a darker background. I have images across the top of the screen, down the right, down the left, and in most cases it just seems like a third graders collage project.

I look at every single day after work (and most of the time while I'm at work), and when accessing the site's content becomes difficult, I usually find another to look at. I'm not a emo bastard, I just hope it can be clear cut and efficient like the old design.

Uploaded 06/19/2012
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