A funny thing happened to me.......

I figured that I would blog about my first real day at my new job....

Say what you want but its actually all on tape.


Its like 9:30pm-ish. My new boss is VERY strict about smoking. (ie a non)

However, you can help take out the trash. So im standing there watching the monitors, waiting to see when the door opens. when I see this guy come out of the corner of the camera. But ya know the feeling the second you see someone and just by their body language you can tell that something is nefarious... So I see him go towards the bike.

  In the mean time the camera bounces to another point of the resturaunt. After two seconds on two other spots. Its goes back to the bikes. The guy takes the chain and kinda throws it.... but not really  At which point I turn to my new manager and say.

"Um did you let any of the kitchen staff go home?" Now this by the book Mgr. looks at me like who the fuck are you to ask that. (reminder its my first day after training.) 

"I think one of the bikes are being stolen... A green one."

  He looks at this guy Toro behind the line. "Toro is your bike green?"

"Si!" he says

Manager looks at me and  back at Toro, told him quick "dude someone is stealing your bike!" ran out of the kitchen out the back door. We saw him on the camera. Dart from the door." My other mgr asked

"why is he running?"

"I said one of the bikes just got stolen."

"Oh shit" he takes off out back. I check my table(they had been there for 3 hours.)

 I take my chance I figured hey i witnessed it i should smoke, then back comes the Mgr and 5 other mexicans. With the bike.

Apparently according to said Mgr:

"When we approached he took off. But just as he was about to take off all these guys(mexicans) came from nowhere. Kid took off almost getting hit crossing the hwy."


Needless to say, bike saved!



Uploaded 08/20/2008
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