A Genuine Concern About the President and the State of the Union


This is a blog about how I feel about how he's doing so far, so if you don't care, stop now.


Obama.  What the fuck man.  Why do I feel like this guy is shitting the bed?

Let me say first, I did not vote for Obama, I voted for McCain.  I think he was the right choice, I think he was more experienced, and I think he had a better economic plan.  I refuse to jump on the Obama band wagon of teenagers and idiots who listened to MTV and all the internet hype about how great this guy is.  Go look at his senatorial voting records, genuinely, and tell me you still would have voted for him if you'd taken the time to look at that before puffy told you to vote or die.

What has Obama done?

Why have taxes gone UP, not down as promised?

Why did he fire 3 inspector generals in a single week?

Why is he crying about Fox News "picking" on him?  

  -  You're the President, you're gonna take critisicm.  NOT TO MENTION the fact that a majority of your election platform was  "FIXING THE MISTAKES OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION".  You did more shitting on people than any news network could ever do just in the year you ran for office!  Additionally, Bush took criticism from everyone EXCEPT Fox News for 6 out of his 8 years, and he never complained.  

I'm not saying I liked Bush, or that I even voted for him, but there's gotta come a time where this guy STOPS blaming the past administration, and starts making changes.  His whole campaign was based on change, and hope, and all that other PBS bullshit, and yet so far he's run the country like a teenager runs a car when they first get their permit.  

It seems to me like he's got a dartboard with a bunch of ideas on it, and he just chucks a dart and hopes he hits a winner.  Frankly, we don't have the money as a country to keep dishing out funding until he finds something effective.  This is where his lack of experience shows and is really going to hurt him and the country.  It also shows where we needed someone who has plans based on real world experience and past trends.  You can't come into office with 1 plan, which now clearly didn't work.


Here's a few things I've noticed that he has done also that have given me a bad taste in my mouth, and that I hope don't foreshadow how he intends to run the country for, likely, the next 8 years.


1.  Rushed his stimulus bill through Congress, so quickly in fact, that not a single senator had time to read the bill in its entirety.  He then took a 3 day vacation starting the day after the bill was signed.  So there wasn't enough time to read the bill because you have so much to do, but there's enough time for a vacation?  Not good.

2.  The administration seems adamantly against dissent.  They have issued attacks against several facets of the media and different figure heads who choose to oppose them.  Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer, and Rush Limbaugh, just to say a few.  Granted, Limbaugh is a creep, but he has every right to criticize.  It's not the business of the President to SQUASH DIFFERENT OPINIONS, thats the job of a dictator.  We're allowed to feel however we want in this country, and if you're doing a shitty job, you best believe you're gonna hear about it from somewhere.  Remember, this is why everyone learns in history class that the Alien & Sedition acts were bad because you're supposed to be allowed to disagree with your government.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be free.

3.  The first task a new President engages in is bringing a staff on board. After choosing Joe Biden, who has behaved like he was kicked in the head by a horse as a child, things have really gone down hill. Bill Richardson quit as Commerce Secretary after coming under investigation. Republican Senator Judd Gregg accepted, then declined Obama's offer to be his Commerce Secretary over "irreconcilable differences." Tom Daschle quit after having tax problems. So did Nancy Killefer. Ron Kirk also has tax problems, but he's trying to hang in there like Hilda Solis.  Doesn't anyone question that fact that this man clearly has no ability to judge people and their shortcomings?  I mean, the leader of the country should really be a good judge of character.  And irreconcilable differences means one thing in politics, It means they didn't agree, and Obama wouldn't budge. What good is different opinions if you don't wanna hear them?

4. Choosing tax cheat Timothy Geithner to be his Treasury Secretary was such an incredible screw up that it deserves it own entry. It's mind boggling that any Administration would choose a tax cheat to run the department that's in charge of the fucking IRS. Also in Obama's case, he has already announced plans for the largest tax hike in American history, nearly a trillion dollars, and the man in charge of that effort doesn't pay his taxes?  How ridiculous is that, a guy that hasn't paid his taxes is the guy who runs the department of the fed that tells us to pay our taxes.  Define Irony, stupidity, and a bunch of other end in Y words.

5. His foreign relation movements, which should be his best facet considering he's got Biden who ran the foreign affairs committee for 20 fucking years, have been major major blunders and insults.  He sent back a bust of Winston Churchill to Britain...yea...he fuckin sent it back, then he turned down a press conference with PM Brown of Britain 2 days later.  Then check this shit out.

After Brown presented Obama with a pen holder crafted from the timbers of the 19th century British warship HMS President (whose sister ship, HMS Resolute, provided the wood for the Oval Office's desk), Obama offered up ... 25 DVDs of American movie classics. The Brits offered Obama a thoughtful, priceless gift and he handed them back a bad Netflix list that was probably picked up at Wal-Mart earlier that day.  I mean, come on people, this is what makes governments lose respect for our country, THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING THAT KILLS OUR INTERNATIONAL WEIGHT.

6. Barack Obama may be a liberal thriller, but he's also a stock market killer. Since he came into office, his new spending proposals, his plans for a trillion dollar tax hike, his regular badmouthing of the economy, and his incessant tinkering with banks and the housing market have caused the stock market to go into a freefall.

Granted, stocks would have likely dropped anyway because of the economic crunch we're in, but the market wouldn't have already reached the lowest level since 1997 without lots of help from Obama. We could have used that extra time to install some last minute safety nets, now our sacks are out blowing in the wind.  As a Democratic financial wiz, Jim Cramer (the guy who hosts Mad Money), has said of Obamas performance, "it's amateur hour at our darkest moment" and it's "crushing nest eggs around the nation."


Guys, this President has made MAJOR mistakes and missteps so far, and he still has the blind support of a nation drunk on HYPE from when he was elected.  A bad job is a bad job, it doesn't matter how big of a rock star the guy is.  If he's fucking with America, he's fucking with you, he's fucking with your wallet, your kids future, your family, everything you care about.


Don't be afraid to speak out against someone who you think is doing a poor job.  If you are worried about losing a friend because you don't wanna be the odd man out who doesn't like Obama, maybe you should reconsider your citizenship.  Dissent is what America was built on, and I'll be the first to celebrate it.


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