A good read

As some of you know i am an avid reader and await a certain time every year. it is usually around July and this year is July 5. What is the importance of that date? It is the date that the release of "The Years Best Science Fiction" edidted by Gardner Dozois is released.

Mr Dozois, former editor of IASF (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction) is probably one of the most knowledgeable and savvy editors of all time. he has the ability to pour through thousands of short fiction entries and pick the best of the best every year without fail. In addition to his selections are a critical analysis of the author and their works in the intro to the stories presented.

Why do I have such a love for this book? Well it's because reading short fiction gives me a taste of a writer's style and a sample of their work and allows me to make a (sometimes wrong) judgement on whether I would like to read more of their work (very important when you read 3 - 4 novels a week) The massive size of this offering (yes I said massive offering) usually gives me at least a week's worth of solid enjoyment.

I know some of you out there are readers and short fiction is not for everyone but if you like a well turned story, or a tale that will make you think then think of the book as just a collection of stories and not "Science Fiction"

I practically guarantee that you will find an author or a style that appeals to you!

Rubbing my hands in anticipation

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