A Great Day for a Great Man! Hugo Chavez, Congratulations!

It's Thanksgiving here today in Canada, a wonderful time and as luck would have it, a great day. The sun was shinning, I went for a walk in the woods with my son and dog and felt good all day. After the traditional meal, I recalled it was election day in Venezuela and my main man Hugo Chavez won. Some of you Americans living on the eastern sea board, might recall during an extremely cold winter, Hugo offered to ship up free heating oil to all the poor people who were overcome by the unexpected storms and cold. Of course, it was refused, because Hugo was a "Socialist". That's like calling Obama a socialist, except Hugo actually gives a damn and walks the walk.

This dude has on few occasions had the Secret Service try to put him out of business, but they failed, because the majority of people (Democracy) love him and he reciprocates to the people not wealthy bankers and technocrats. Cancer tried to take him out. Last year Hugo lost all his hair due to treatments, but was sporting a full head of hair today and said he wants to rule Venezuela for two more decades.  

What I like about the way Hugo helps his people in Venezuela is that he gives them the basics with good quality, but his people must improve themselves and be part of the system and solution. Those who can work, must work and those who are old and feeble will be cared for by their own families and communities.

 The world is crying out complaining that the 1% are taking too much, here is a man who has fought that for years on behalf of the 99% at the same time allowing people to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps with a helpful hand. That's the way shit should be. 

Long Live Hugo! A real leader, a principled leader. Maybe Obama should have a beer with him?

A video of Hugo when he was just a peasant. Would you have the balls to do this?  

Uploaded 10/08/2012
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