A Great Week!

It was an awesome past week and I was sad and missing my Fuzz from the moment he went through the airport's security checkpoint.

We saw The Dark Knight Rises, went for a long drive through Mennonite country, ate at a lot of cool restaurants, and went to an amusement park and the pet shop to look at bunnies, among other things (he took me on a scary ride 3 times and on a darts game he won a Batman poster while I ended up with a Twilight: Breaking Dawn one...).


Since it was also my birthday a few days ago, Fuzzy surprised the shit outta me with a slew of expensive gifts like you wouldn't imagine! Since haters gonna hate either way, I might as well throw aside any reservations at disclosing the most major ones - I am quite pleased, after all.

My Fuzzball actually got me a new iPhone, a cute purple case for it, and a nose piercing I've been putting aside for almost a year!!!!!! He'd never gotten a piercing on his face before, but decided he wanted his eyebrow done and took it like a man (lol <3). We walked out with a nice steel barbell on his brow and a cute teal gemstone in my nose.

I also found he wasn't kidding when he said he was quite the connoisseur of wine. Fuzz must've purchased half a dozen bottles, although honestly, he can't stand our NY-made spirits. Nevertheless, he found late-night solace in this crap called Funf you could get at pretty much any liquor store. Too bad I wasn't up for downing an entire bottle like that little piglet!!!

Although I still have some of those freeze-and-pour cocktails in my freezer. Since it's like 96 out, might as well enjoy one now. Thanks for the welcome backs everyone!
Uploaded 07/23/2012
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