a history of booze-a-holl

Once upon a time, there was religion and no science. There were these brilliant guys who gave me get-fucked-up-juice.  They were called alchemists. At one time there was beer, and sometimes wine. And that was it. oh and also meed. beer is made from grains, wine from fruits meed from honey. That's all you dumb fucks need to know. Then there came relgious folk. Not aethiest know nothings. Relgion. And they was like, okay to purify things we need to burn shit. So they invented the distillation process. This is a process that removes impurities from great holy things like alcohol. Fucking suck it you athiest fucks. Anyways. So they thought okay, so fire from hell burns evil, so should our fire burn the uneeded things from delishous alcohol beverages. So they burned it. It condensed into stronger shit, like brandy, whisky and also vodka. Although some people discovered freeze distillation which is some crazy shit. Say you ferment some alcohol. That is provide environment for yeast to change sugars into alcohol. Then you know if you put a bottle of beer or whatever in the freezer the alcohol doesn't freeze right? Then they extract the strong ass alcohol and serve it to their friends. They all get drunk and butt fuck each other. suck is the order of life. Distillation and freeze methods. Distillations is you put the fermented beverage in a vessel heat it up, it goes up a tube and then you hyper freeze the tube, the tube condenses and alcohol remains. Freeze distillation you freeze all the unwanted shit, alcohol doesn't. then it flows down and you collect it. UNderstand?

You've been frogucated you dumb fucks that's how that shit works
Uploaded 08/07/2013
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