A Hit On Christmas pt 3

He opened the door to where Virginia was. The poor thing looked pathetic he thought as he began to inch towards the sleeping victim. He raised the syringe in the air, slowly advancing towards her like a lion about to pounce on a gazelle. When he got to the side of the bed, Virginia opened her eyes. Thru the cataracts she was able to see danger was fast approaching, and was not ready to let herself succumb to death quite yet.

That is when Virginia started to bark loudly, calling for help, if there was any.

What is it Virginia? Grandma yelled from the living room, where the family was congregating.

Im coming Virginia, hold on. Grandma said as she ventured down the hallway to check on her companion for the last 14 years.

When she entered the bedroom, and saw the syringe, she began to scream bloody murder at the hitman that was attempting to kill her dog.

GET AWAY FROM VIRGINIA YOU MONSTER! She yelled, as she threw a lamp in his direction.

The porcelain lamp busted over the hitmans head, sensing danger and possible law enforcement entanglements he jumped out the closed window. The sound of someone stepping on glass echoed thru the streets as he exited the area the same way he came in. As he was taking off in his plane, he contemplated early retirement. He had failed his first job, and an easy one at that.

~AW Smith a hit on Christmas pt 2 a hit on Christmas pt 1
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