A kept man.............

Last week I was looking into buying plane tickets for St. Augustine, Florida and in case you dont know this St. Augustine is a place in Florida where you are close enough to drop in on Daytona and get back where you can rest up before you hit some more bars/places the next day. I had decided to wait until later this week and buy the tickets and I am glad I did because my old lady got laid off when her company closed down. Thank you Mr. Obama for that, now I know Obama had nothing to do with this but it seems that everybody want to blame Bush for crap he didn't do so I thought I would play the blame game too. Damn if it doesn't feel good but fantasy does most of the time, but anyway I am a kept man and if she doesn't get another job and take me somewhere well I may have to look elsewhere because that is what us eye candy kept men do.


I have been gone for a couple of days and it seems like people are starting to fight again, DO NOT make me cut that damn switch people because when I cut it I use it!!!


Thanks for reading Bohank     I am still hungover from Saturday, God I am old.

Uploaded 06/23/2009
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