A lady in the grocery store.

I was in a store today and there was a lady in line at the checkout and she was talking on her rather expensive cell phone. Then she paid for all her $200 worth of groceries with food stamps!

She was buying a lot of junk food to. She had ice cream, potato chips, Coke and some candy along with some other healthier food.

Then I saw her out in the parking lot putting all her groceries away in her fairly new BMW. She was also smoking.

I just thought, What a useless bitch!

She has enough money to pay for a cell phone, buy and insure a BMW, smoke cigarettes, and all that, but then she has to waste my tax money by using food stamps! If she can afford to smoke, drive a BMW and all that other shit she has, she need not be using the food stamps and make me and other tax payers pay for her food!

I also think that if you are on food stamps, you should not be able to buy any junk food at all! You need to make that sacrifice, until you get back on your feet and get off the system.

The Fed govt also gives food stamps to almost anyone who asks for them! That is bull shit to!

Uploaded 02/05/2009
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