A lesson for all.

He was average, he had no special skills nor did he excel at anything. Never did he show enough compassion or respect for those less fortunate than him. His wife was plain but she always did what she could for him, every moment of every day she waited for him to arrive home from work, she cooked him a decent meal, and though she tried harder every day she never got the respect she deserved. All she ever wanted was respect and gratitude that was all she ever asked for. Though he didn't mistreat her, he still didnt treat her right. When he went to visit his mother it was only to drop something off or to pick something up, whenever she tried to talk to him he always had an excuse to get away from her. He spent much of his time feeling pitty for himself, he could not have kids and never would be able to. Never did he care enough for any of his blood relatives or friends. He never could get a promotion at work and he wondered why, the real reason was because of the way he acted. Even if he did get the promotion than he might have the slightest bit of happiness for a single day, than after that he would continue his pathetic life.

      Than one day it struck him, he knew exactly what he had become. He planned to live his life to it's fullest from that day on, the problem was that he was too light. He went for his yearly checkup with the doctor, when he discovered that deep inside of his head was a tumor. For the first time in such a long time he cried, It wasnt because of the tumor, it was because he realized how foolishly he lived his life. He wished that he could change it all, from that night on he prayed every day asking god for a second chance. ON the day he was on his death bed he wrote a letter to those that he loved the most and that meaned the most to him. Unfortunately for him he died that very day, He died a foolish man he would have given anything just for a second chance but it was already to late. Sometimes dying in regret can be just as bad as dying in great pain. 

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