A list of Everything in my Purse at This Moment.

I like the idea of this blog because it might reveal a little of who we are. Sorry to steal your thunder, Froglips.

1. Visa debit card to an account I have about $3 in.
2. Business cards to people I haven't done business with since 2007.
3. A grocery list written on a Post-It, undated. One of the items I'm pretty sure is still in my fridge but doesn't look so hot.
4. A photo of a girl that used to look like the one in my bed.
5. A driver's licensed that expired 1-28-11.
6. Disneyland annual pass that expires in 4 days.
7. HOA photo ID with a picture of me when I had a beard and a really bad hair day.
8. Numerous gift cards to places I hate to eat or shop at.
9. Health Insurance card from when I could afford a nice PPO.
10. Memory card to a camera that broke in 2006.
11. Blood Donor Record card with one entry on 4-29-97. Blood type is B+ if you're wondering.
12. Shit list of 9 people. 3 names lined out.
13. Landfill dump card. 3 dates punched out.
14. Small printout of Strghtjcktgrl's ass, folded twice, in secret compartment behind the driver's license.
15. Key to a condo a few towns away. <3
16. Torn corner off paper that says "2-15-11 RESTRAINING ORDER ENDS."
17. Fortune Cookie slip saying "The best rewards come to those that wait. Lucky numbers: 2, 15, 11.
18. Phone number. No name.
19. Condom that expired during Bush's first term.
20. The wrapper to the condom that expired during Bush's first term.
21. Movie ticket to Titanic with Sara's gum in it. Someday, Sara...  You won't think I'm weird at all.....
22. 4-leafed clover in plastic. Leaf broke off, but I swear it was connected when I picked it!
23. Poem for Sara.
24. Another poem for Sara.
25. Short letter explaining what to do with my harddrive if I die.
26. A note reminding me to renew my license before it expires.

Uploaded 02/12/2011
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