As part  of my work I had to spend about 10 hours today driving around central and southern florida pre-walking upcoming jobs. During all that time driving I had a number of thoughts that  I would like to share. These are in no particular order of importance or meaning.

1. I have never had sex with Tiger Woods ( I did let him give me a handy once but that doesn't count there was no emotional commitment.)


2. A&E network came out with quite possibly the best television show in the history of TV. The title is Steven Seagal Lawman If You have the opportunity to see this show do it it is an instant classic. I almost died laughing watching him in his role as "reserve deputy chief" in Jefferson Parish PRICELESS


3. I love Pea soup. We had ham a few days ago and what's her name said while I was gone today she was making Pea soup and I gotta say that shit was de-fucking-licious. I knolw it's an aquired taste but I am a bone fide pea soup junkie.


4. I can't stand people who allow their dogs around while they are eating. My buddy has a dog that just fucking sits and drools at you the whole time you are eating and it drives me fucking nuts. C'mon put the dogs out while you eat (now all you dog lovers don't get pissed I have 2 dogs of my own that I love but they ARE NOT allowed to sit and beg at the dinner table)


5. People who drive in Florida come in 3 flavors

A. 9,000 years old and never drove anything faster than their horse and buggy growing up

B. Complete Fuckwad who wants to ride your ass and get around you just to slow up and get in front of you as if that's the most important place on the entire fucking highway to be

C. Jackass (usually in a penis compensation pickup) who insists on getting in  the left lane and doing about 1 MPH over the speed limit and delay everyone else just so we can see how cool his truck is or how small his dick is.

All right, that's enough, I'm glad I got all that out of my system!

Happy Holidays





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