"A man has got to know his limitations." Clint Eastwood

 Appearently a 2x6 framed woodenbox, framed in between two steel Ibeams is mine. In a jog sprint, up the stairs is my limits. When I hit my head, I think I went out from the time I hit my head, until ...I started going downwards on my back, down the stairs. A nice knot and couple scratches this time round. We were using this box as a platform at work, couldnt get the ladders we needed to put, for running conduit pipes and wires. The platform was above the stairs, and at 20ft high on one end, 2 ft on the other end, from stairs. Well supervisor left the box in the way, I forgot about it, after he left to lunch, smacked my head.

Today, my back hurts, head is killing, and i went to the er last night, just in case. Told the doc what happened, they looked at the abbrasions on my hands and arms from sliding down on the metal slotted stairs. I got a tecnus shot, and instructed the doctor that he was playing patty cakes wrong. I guess patty cakes is one of their simple tests that tells them that your brain is mush or not. I also got the fun first time of peeing in a cup. Passed with flying colors.

I think monday, after the owner pays for my er trip, we'll be getting hard hats. I already got my boss in trouble for leaving me unsupervised, in a area nobody is usually around. Which, I didnt turn him in, just he was standing by the saftey guy at the time I reported my accident to him. I even felt like thelma, knocked my glasses off, couldnt see to find the damn things, had to use my hands to find it. We were installing a 240v dome light, which lights up the whole area, once it is on. I understand why all the saftey rules now, its because tards like me do stupid stuff all the time. The nurse at the er, said I sounded like i was accident proned.

Maybe I am.


Uploaded 08/15/2009
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