A Memo to WC


This letter is to inform you you may be next to be crowned  Failtroll of the Week.

This decision has come about due to several failed, not to mention annoying, attempts at impersonating veteran users by claiming authority, as well as posting inconclusive evidence on others based on absolutely nothing but your own agenda.

We'd like to remind you that the duty of a Committee Member, were there such a Committee, would be to understand the meaning of the term Failtroll. WHITE CHOCOLATE,we'd like to remind you of the proper definition of the term as it is on e'baum's. Failtroll would be the purpose of your blog posts to begin with.

Committe Member duties shall only be ascribed to those with an awesome and/or tireless record of Ebaum's usage and seniority; in the case of WHITE CHOCOLATE, as it has been reviewed, this would make one thing perfectly logical:

To you,  I AM the Committee.

Of course you've never heard of me. My usage is practically infallible, has been for many years. I am more vet and more aware than you and ALL alt account users that have ever opposed me. 

I have successfully kicked the shit out of many, and it shows:  Thanks to my dutiful plumbing prowess, not only are my posts no longer purposely one-starred by Nek, but subsequent lessons in humility have paid off in their own way - he's using more badly Google-translated Japanese than ever before.

As per the other users you redundantly libel against, we find the message to be clear: if you don't understand the well-phrased content of a personal blog, you move on to the next one. We understand that to some users, posts on more elementary issues are preferable. It is for this reason we remind you to remain occupied with content more relevant to your mental and maturational level.

We trust you will spread the word in lieu of any further action that will result in the majority of users running you right off the site. We thank you for your cooperation.

The Eternal Overlord as far as You're Concerned:
Uploaded 06/22/2011
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