A Message From AW Smith Aimed Towards 1d3n717y

I think sir that you are incabable of being nice to the #1 demon worshpping, porn addicted, goat blood spilling maniac that is me, AW Smith.

Now I am going to deconstruct you...until I get bored with it and move back over to

What kind of name do you have sir?  A bunch of crumbled mess if you ask me.  It is hard to recollect in a single glance, ad quite easy to brush aside as a waste.  Not like AW Smith!  A proud name!  Capable of being turned into an acroynm (AWS).  If you and I were to be sitting at a bar, and an obese woman greased her way into the seat between us, she would go home with me.  She would ask your name, and you would be snooty towards her as you uttered every last letter and number.  I however would be encouraging, and offer to clean her hard to reach spot in the middle of her back.  And we all know that ovese woman are getting down more than regular sized woman: (

I am the dumbest smart person in the world (the above paragraph shows that), and mean you absolutely no harm.  I am no JC and do not want to meet you halfway.  All I want is one damn positive message coming from your way.  Is that so much to ask?  Is that so much to give?  I think not one bit, not one bit...friend?  So give AWS a chance 1d3n717y.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 11/01/2008
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