A Message From AW Smith

Damn I need to go get my medication for A.D.D. refilled.  I couldnt focus on this video what with my dog barking, Recount on HBO playing, and the hooker yelling at me with something about "wanting her money".

So they want to pull a prank, huh?  This reminds me of when I use to rent a house with three other individuals.  I like fucking with people, both online and in real life.

Back to the house I rented with three other guys.

They would sometimes wake up to me humping them and making animal noises.  I would make monkey, donkey, chicken, and cow noises while in the act of courtship with their leg/head.  It was fucking great.  MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Two of my roomates had doors across the hall from each other.  After one of them drank all of the milk without getting some more milk I decided to revenge the milk.  I got some rope and tied the door knobs together.  Both of them were late to work that day.

The best thing I ever did was a classic.  You get a can of shaving cream and a feather.  You wait till the victim is asleep, and fill their hand with shaving cream.  You then tickle their nose with a feather.  Fucking Classic

Now please start the hate comments below, I am not doing my job if users are not bashing me with every ounce of their strength.


~AW Smith

Uploaded 10/19/2008
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