A Message From AW Smith

Last night after watching Boston Legal I went and took a shower. I decided to shave an "A" into my pubic hair, I knew it would be to hard to put an "A" a "W" and a "S" in. So I started the process, everything was going good until I knicked my shit. And I knicked my shit bad. I started freaking out hardcore, I called my friend JuJu that lives down the street so that she could drive me to the hospital, I was holding an old Jim Morrison t-shirt around my cock so that I wouldn't bleed all over my friends passenger seat. We got to the hospital, and I walked thru the near empty lobby with my pants unbuttoned, and around my knees. I filled out all the forms that they needed to look at my bleeding penis. Finally a nurse came and got me and took me back to a waiting room wihile JuJu laughed at me the whole time, it was rather funny. I put on a hospital gown, and waited for the doctor. When he came in he started giggling at what he saw, a half shaved "A" in my nether regions. He sent a nurse in 30 minutes later, the whole time I was watching Fox News on the TV. As the nurse applied anti-septic, I asked her if she could finish the "A". She pushed down real hard with the cotton ball then, causing me pain, and was rather harsh with the stitches. I hate hospitals. ~AW Smith
Uploaded 10/21/2008
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