A Message From AW Smith

Your the biggest disgrace to the human race

You see your face and you want to run away

We hear 15 times a day that you were in the army


JC your such a tool

JC your such a fool

JC your far from cool


Whats with the caps locks?

Its a bit to much

Did you not get enough manly love?

Jerk off more, relieves tension

Or doing something constructive such as swimmin

Anything but coming on the e to the b

Your more annoying than my entire family


JC your such a tool

JC your such a fool

JC your far from cool


The main problem I has is your inability to learn

You have to be told three times that stoves can burn

I think a three year old comprehends more than you

That is sad, so sad

Sad but true

So tell me again what I should do?

Meet you halfway huh?

Your a douche

Send me a plane ticket

Make it first class

And then we can all see me beating your ass

Goliath once fell

And so did Bablyon

Those words seem foreign to you

Because you are not a GOD

So bow in the presence of greatness

Remember the checks that your writing

Because one day they might be tryin

To get cashed, and that is when your ass is grass

Uploaded 10/28/2008
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