A Message From AW Smith

So anyone that follows my rantings on here know that I have stopped smoking thanks to chantix (6 days today), had a sex dream with my friends ex (he said I should try to hit it, we are going to put money on it) and that I love porn!

So this morning from 11:00-1:00 I had a confrence call.  It was borrrrrrring.  So I had the internet up, not ebaums that distracts me way to much.

No I had up.

So I was watching this one video ( and listening to my boss, co workers, and the potential clients.  This video was really good quality, and stellar camera angles...not to mention that at the 6:30 mark the action picks up. 

My portion of the confrence call came up, and I had to get my information up.  I hit the mouse, and the noise came on (I had it muted)...a lady moaning came off my computer.  At first I freaked out, but in a half a second I was able to think of what to say as I closed the porn window.

"Funny everybody, who is playing a prank on me?"  Everyone, including the client laughed.  I went back and finished the porn after the confrence call, the ending is weak.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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