A Message From AW Smith

In this day and age of great technological terror, I am constantly reminded of the terror within. "Beware of Dog" is a sign that every man woman and child should wear around their necks.

Man can do wonderful and inspirational things, there is no doubt of this. If you are skeptical of the previous remark let me guide you along to the Sistine Chapel, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and the Aztec ruins in Mexico.

But man can also do horrible and evil acts of disservice towards humanity with the left hand. Dictators, Corrupt Government officials, and Corporations battle on without self-control or self-restraint. I recently filled up my car at my local gas station. When I first purchased my 2003 Toyota Corolla, it would cost $20 to fill it to maximum. Now one year later the price has jumped to $34.12.

Sometimes the only thing I can do is to hold my head in my hands and realize that this is all some bad dream, and at any moment I will awake and be one with reality. Alas, it has failed to happen. My scientific calculations have led me to the conclusion that this is not a dream, and that the sad state of the world is part of a society that has outgrown the natural resources that Mother Nature gave us in the beginning.

The problem with the YouTube generation is that we long to protest, we long to be innovative as our predecessor’s were...the only problem is that we lack the stamina to actually do. The sad thing is that we would rather watch video’s of Tom Morello getting arrested during a protest than actually partake in one.

Now before I sound like a bleeding-heart liberal, or a "waiting for public office" conservative, let me remind you that I am an American. I may not have many beliefs that I hold dear to my heart but I do have a few:

1. George Washington before leaving office said to not form political parties, and do not meddle in European affairs.

2. I come first in my book. No one is going to take care of me except me. Then family, and then friends. It has worked this far.

3. My destiny has been placed upon my feet by my maker, it is up to me to step on the path.

4. What I want will be mine if I work hard and stay focused on it.

5. I do have people that love me.

My main point in writing this is to install a sense of renaissance, new dawn, reawakening upon my fellow man. A sense of equality between the CEO and the vagabond has been gravely stretched as we can hardly communicate with each other in our day to day existence.

Saying thank you is the best form of gratitude to furnish another. I make note of saying some form of personal greeting in all that I encounter. I make the weak feel strength. I attempt to give the voice-less a voice.

One must ask: If I saw an atrocity being committed against a fellow human would I forgo my motion to relieve them of the peril that has been thrust upon them?

If a woman is being carjacked, help her.

If an elderly man is being mugged, help him.

The Corporations of America have grown so big, become so fragmented, that the common good of the company has been so outstretched that nothing, absolutely nothing is held sacred. Sam Walton’s dream that he created with Walton’s 5 & 10 stores, and later Wal-Mart, is a personal success story of a farmer’s son becoming something great. With the success of building an empire by one man, comes the down fall of what happens to that empire when the man dies? One must instill a sense of dignity, pride, and philanthropy among the kids and successors if one is to have the dream that they created maintain its current course after death.

Now the problem with myself, is that I have aspiration’s to start my own Corporation when the time is right. I will not divulge certain secrets that I have in my cranium as to the grand scheme of it all, but simplicity, philanthropy, and loyalty are the key mixtures in the equation that I have constructed.

Seeing as the length of this statement, very few of anyone who starts this will get to this point. Before the word hypocrite comes to your mind, remember that this is just a statement. This is just a way for me to relieve some frustration that I have had built up for a while in a positive and non-sweaty way. So take your pick as to what side of any argument that arises that you question or agree with. Is the person reporting the story reliable? Question everything, ask for verification, follow your heart, follow your gut.

And if you read this all the way thru, I am impressed. Please put some witty comment below about how much you hate either: JC, Comment Police, or any other retard that has flooded this site.  Also everything you just read is all bullshit.  I am actually having sex with two minors (reverse google style), snorting illegal substances, burning an American Flag, and contemplating coveting thy neighbors wife.

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