A Message from Samuel L. Jackson


Y'all need to get these muthafukin' peeps out my muthafuckin' blog section!

Ya got one dude here bitchin' about his old girlfriends, one retarded honky there trollin' up the whole god-damned blog section, and in da middle of it what do I gotta see? A fuckin' Fred Savage with his 80's fuckin' sunglasses blarin' out at me -


Who da fuck y'all think you is? Dis like a fuckin' tard rally with all y'all ugly, lyin', snake in the muthafuckin' grass honkies goin' back and forth without the input of ONE god-damned African-American gentleman or lady invited.

Y'all need some lessons on propa trollin' in da first place - shit, you gonna try and insult somebody, spell yo' fuckin' insults right - and if you fuckin' owned, you owned - quit cryin' to peeps dat don't give a good god-damn bout you tryin' to look like any less of the fuckin' dumb-ass, ugly, gender-confused, trailer-home-livin', uneducated, bitch-slapped honky fool you fuckin' already are.


Refrain from da shit and get yo' asses back in gear readin' some of the good fuckin' blogs dat used to make this place the good fuckin' section it was. I want some decent god-damn readin' in this bitch, not this butthurt, pussy-ass blubberin' I've been readin' from failtrolls I'm about ready to come through my computer and pop some fuckin' caps in their honky asses for - and I mean Pulp-style:


What da fuck y'all still doin' here?? Get da fuck out and start readin' some fuckin' quality muthafuckin' blogs already, or I make rin load up my other muthafuckin' gun...

sorawtf.jpg                       guys, i think you better do what he says...

160x160.jpg                     they all muthafuckin' betta!!!!

Uploaded 07/22/2011
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