A More Balanced Kind of Atheism.

Ok, to show I'm fully aware of the fact that there needs to be more "balance" in the posts that seem to offend so many people, I've decided to highlight the best examples I could find on how Atheists/non-religious can be outright ridiculous and evil, while good religious people in America do plenty to help others in the name of their faith.


Here's a gross example of hatred. This guy just doesn't give a shit at all if two gays want to get married. He proclaims absolutely no concern for the catastrophe which will befall the nation if two consenting adults fall in love.


Now this is more like it. Not only is it a true sign of love and concern to care so deeply for other people's sexual/married lives, but the care in the name of God is taken a step further by bringing the children into it. They're being taught the right way: not only are they learning about taking steps to improve a gross problem in our nation, but they even get their math in, too. On the subject of ''fags'', an enabler is what we call a ''variable''.


Here's a blog update from a well-known and outspoken Atheist. As you can see, his hatred knows no bounds. It's clear that the Christian sent him a funny picture to articulate his frustration with him at posting all kinds of stuff like Dawkins quotes and the like. Things that are just plain not true, because where the hell does God fit into it all? But look at how this bigoted hypocrite responds. He completely missed the point the Christian was trying to make and instead admonishes him for making fun of people with disabilities. I mean, where the hell does he get off making those accusations?


This has to be the single most disgusting and offensive anti-religious argument in history. First of all, who are these people? Look at how they smile warmly at total strangers and people like gays and women with books. They're most likely repressed killers. And the whole protesting thing is just sickening. While good religious people are fixing problems by picketing in front of health clinics, these people do nothing to anybody. It's just a travesty.


At least here some great Christian charity can be seen in BBC Documentarian Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends program, on an episode entitled "Born Again Christians - the Family".

Louis travels to Dallas, Texas in order to visit the quite large house of Marcus and Joni Lamb, TV Evangelists.

What the Lamb's large family enjoys doing is spreading Christian charity and the word of God through guitar music, singing, and conversing on the streets of downtown. Thinking this a quaint-enough idea, Louis even brings his own guitar along with him, to accompany the Family to the heart of Dallas and join in on the happiness and music.

As people walk by, the Family stresses the word of Jesus and encourages others to have fun. And then they meet a poor, young couple.

The girl was pregnant and had no shoes. The boyfriend explained to the group the chain of unfortunate events leading to their poverty, which included no place to sleep, and not having eaten all day.


Of course, as good-hearted people sensitive to their plight, rather than hand over $2 for a sandwich, offer a room at their lavish home, or give the nice-looking shoes from off their feet to an expecting woman standing in rainwater, Marcus and Joni stressed the love of Jesus to them and promised to pray for a turn of fortune. They then insisted the couple join in with them on singing songs - which the couple did, even managing a smile...

As you can see, Louis was so overjoyed with how things turned out, he was speechless.


He could hardly utter a word to the Lambs for the rest of the night.

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