A pack of coyotes vs. me to the death??? right...

last night, wow.

engaged in drunken debauchery for a solid several hours.

met some fuckin sweet people, drank yet more in this triumph.

we leave, cop is driving down low with no lights on; i warn those around me.

leave, im in the back, cop comes at us with no lights on in the hills,
i run out, dive over a hill, sprint, manage to pull off some ninjagraphy and
dive head first over a forty foot cliff like i were jackie chan himself...
land on my feet and continue to roll and then sprint, now bleeding
(i just laughed when this happened... )
did a little jogging from damonte to double diamond...
not too bad at all, just weird and shitty limping and at 2:45 a.m.

dan the man picked me up... pimpin... had to enjoy some victoryness.

i was just told and just found out that when i ran, the sheriff was worried i was going to do one of the following:

1) Be eaten by coyotes


2) Freeze to death (right next to a fucking city)

.... wow. the washoe county sheriffs are becoming more and more like dangle and wiegel... horrible.

Uploaded 08/17/2008
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