A plea to leonnaps

I understand you claim to be 16 years old and might not understand etiquette and proper discourse for posting blogs.  That being said, please stop.  When you post fragments of thoughts one after the other, you push well thought out, meaningful posts onto later pages where they don't get as much consideration.

Even though blogging is informal in nature, certain guidelines should be followed when posting.  First of all, punctuation and capitalization is your friend.  Not using actual sentences when you post makes what you're trying to express almost impossible to decipher.  Take the following as an example:

"ok today this 12 year old boy sneaked into this moose houses


shes a big women who wears men cloth and  shs huge and has a bbq grill out of the side of the concreate back yard


ok he trys to go up her windows she was in the kitchen making some muffins"

Did the moose have many houses?  Did the boy sneak into them one at a time?  How do you go up a window?  Why the extra spaces after some lines of text with no kind of ending punctuation?  It's customary to make each thought or point into a sentence which ends with punctuation (usually a period) to help the reader know that the single thought or idea is now over.  It's conventional to leave one space between words and two spaces after a period.  When a question mark or exclamation point is used to end a sentence, using more than one is usually not appropriate.  Using two denotes very strong exclamation or interrogative.  Using more than two is just dumb.

I understand that typos and lack of strong spelling abilities are common.  I strongly suggest that you use a spell check function on a word processor to edit your posts before you plop them down on the blog page.  For example, in the piece above, it would ask if you really meant to type "cloth" and suggest you meant "clothes."  It would point out that "shs" isn't a word and you have typed a single real sentence yet.  Many of these problems could be easily fixed and your posts would be other than retarded gibberish that nobody wants to read.

Make sure you actually have something novel or engaging to write about before you start typing.  Stream of consciousness random thoughts don't translate well into a written medium unless you're a brilliant poet (you're not).

Uploaded 02/28/2009
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