A Pleasurable Plot...

It's 1120 pm and I have to be at work in four hours....F*ck it.

I've been doing some searching for the newest and coolest featurable video footage from around the net. Naturally, ADD sets in and I have nothing to gather but a few whims of footage that has long been overused and seen before. In particular, a couple of commercials caught my mind, and throughout all of them they kept a constant story line:

Basically, In the commercial, a subject is looking at a television, when an add comes up. This advertisement inside of an advertisement soon become real life in the main advertisement! I.E. the characters crawl through or come out of the television in some fashion and interact with the main actor.

I never fail to notice the amazing time the people in those 30 seconds have. every time there's laugher, happiness, nudity, smiles, hot babes...just an all around good time! (nudity was always a figment of my own imagination...)

I was just bad-ass would it be if it were like that? some random 30 seconds out of your day a magical person or group of people come crawling out of your TV with the sole purpose of enlightening your day with showers of joy and product you've never heard of but are having such a good time with...

It really makes me wish...

...that my tv would smile back at me.

Uploaded 07/31/2008
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