a primitive perspective on a modern world

i have no idea in general what i intend here but i will babble so heads up, but i was just thinking about why i do what i do. body modification carries such a deeper meaning then most ppl think. the main reason i could think of was in this world nothing holds any personal signifigance. and mostly technology, technology runs away with itself. we have no real control over it, it controls us. these machines judge how we interact and how we judge basically everything in our lives. but through the acts of slow piercing and tribal rituals we, we being modern primitives, remain in the real world by maintaining control over ourselves. we can shape and change our bodies as we see fit. and also i personally do it because in our world there is no clear distinction between children and adults. in our society you just turn 18 and bam your an adult. whether or not your ready or capable of handling those responsibilities. in tribal cultures men and women have to go through rituals to prove they are worthy of adulthood, and these rituals are difficult. and ppl always say oh well they are barbaric. who are we to call barbaric!!! we start wars for land and money, we kill others because they dont believe what we do, and its sick. these tribes have no concept of money, greed, technology, or anything. they are controlled to most degree by the true forces of nature. and thats why i feel i do what i do in a sense, i am not yet a man nor am i ready to face the harsh reality of the world, because my modification is not yet complete. so i hope this had helped to explain some of what confuses ppl about modification and body art

Uploaded 05/13/2008
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