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Due to grumblings in the blog section of Ebaum's World I have decided to provide the blog purist, the blog socialite, the upper crust, so to speak, with only the finest of blog land blogs.

It has been brought to my attention that ideas not originating from the writer of blogs is unwanted, undesirable and unwarranted. Only  the most inane stories regarding bestiality, cat wannabes, butt penetrating tricks and tactics,  sexual disfunctionality  and inarticulate descriptions of a hillbilly high on crack while confined in a room with four Al Qeada with only a jar of peanut butter and Vaseline to entertain themselves will do.

I have personally tried to bring the writings of people with far better communication skills to this section. At first I tried to present them in my own words. While a few did appreciate them, the masses either became angry or were disinterested.  I understand, either you are too ignorant or too delusional to understand higher thought.

Documentation in any format is totally disregarded. I understand that, it has long winded explanations of things too boring to read and think about in a world filled with porno, crack and fast food.

There are a few from time to time, that write about day to day events in colorful and humorous ways, but this takes some skill, very few are qualified. There are others who have a natural affinity for humor, a rare commodity. Then there are those who rag on about providing proof to your perceptions, observations and conclusions as though only they have the answers to all that is glorious and true. I understand this, it is only natural for a well indoctrinated mind to become agitated with ideas not familiar to their own, no matter their intellectual level.

Blogs are about your experiences, thoughts and perceptions. They require no proof justification or any credibility on your part. It only asks for your input from what ever source your heart desires, without input it ceases to be. You can be angry, emotional, totally delusional, frustrated, inarticulate, a fucking liar, a total imbecile and still express yourself without fear of public ridicule.  This is not an ability to be taken lightly or not appreciated for it's value, it is rather rare in human history that this has occurred.

Having written this, I feel it appropriate to write I harbor no resentment, ill thought or dislike for any individual, we are after all just expressing ourselves in the ways we can.

To each of  his abilities, regardless of strengths, have something to say. 

God Bless!
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Uploaded 11/07/2010
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