A question for you all

Well, I'm a 16 year old girl and I think it's quite nasty at how many girls are just going around banging random people. Is it possible for people to be in a relationship and not have sex? I'm mean come on people! Seriously, I don't understand. Is this generation just horribly horney? We can't all be "in love" with the people we're with. So what is it then? Why do girls feel the need to be stupid and fool around and possibly get pregnant? It's disturbing how our current generation can't hang out with their boyfriend for a few hours without doing something that doesn't involve talking. It makes me wonder if the only reason their men stick around is because they're getting a free ride literally. I know an 11yr old girl who has been pregnant 3 times (she lost all of them fortunatly, not by abortion but because her young body couldn't support a child). There are some good people out there don't get me wrong. I have friends who are very good people who don't need to fool around with their boyfriends everytime they see eachother. Thoes are the relationships that stick around for a while. Sex is an important part of a relationship but it should not be the base of it. I am not saying having sex with your boyfriend is a bad thing I'm just saying that people don't understand what sex really is. It is the ULTIMATE expression of "I love you". If you do not truely, whole-heartedly love the person you shouldn't be having sex at random for the fun of it. That's how you get poor unwanted children and STDs. Doesn't sound like a plus to me.
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