A Question of racism??????????????

I saw we have some debates going on with some regulars about racism and I will guarantee you Red is NOT a racist or no more a racist then many many Black people(notice I didn't say African American) try to make us white folks feel. I get it, I mean all those years that these black people spent as slaves..........wait just a damn minute here NOBODY on this site knows what it feels like to be a slave so PLEASE dont insult us white folk or yourself as well. Here is the one thing that I know for sure and that is NO race of people have ever had a word that cuts to the bone like the word NIGGER and we must always remember that. Here is one example of Black people trying to put the white race on its heels........say you are speaking to a well spoken black man/woman and you say to this individual "you are very articulate" and the white person gets accused of racism. OK maybe it is but we dont know how to say I am glad you are not talking like most of the young black men who stand on the corner or the rappers because whether you like it or not the black race has come up with this language (cant imagine how the blacks feel about white young America trying to steal that too) and then you get mad when we dont understand the lingo. It is just like when the Black race wanted to be called Negroes and we did this, that wasn't good enough so then it was call us Blacks and when everybody was good and settled and the race card couldn't be played as easy because once again we as a nation listened and did what you asked you came up with African American. Until everybody starts calling me Irish-American well as for me FORGET IT because I am finished trying to keep up. I have a hunch that we will never get passed this whole racism thing because today EVRYBODY wants to be a victim. I have a great idea, instead of playing the blame game when you are (and I mean all races) offended by an individual instead of dropping into victim mode take it upon yourself to let the person know what they did wrong and here is the important part explain WHY you are offended. Now I know this may not be as rewarding as the old "poor pitiful me" but maybe it will start to STOP  the racism.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 06/30/2009
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