a realy real story for reals

So there I was. Balls deep in some bitch. I think her name was rin or something I don't remember. Then a big esplotion happened. It lit the whole room up. Room of my mansion that is. I walked, that is drug my huge cock over to the window so I could see what was going on. There was this big alien space ship n shit flying in the sky. I put on some baggy pants but instead of undies I just let my butt crack hang out. It's a style you probably haven't heard of yet. So I put on all my gucchi and louie vuitton also some shoes so expensive those aliens will give me the street cred i deserve. So they tractor beamed me up into this space ship, n on my way up i told that one bitch I was fuckin (i forgot her name) to do my dishes. Then I got up into the big ballin space ship n they were analyzing some rap music.

I did some sweet crip walking and they aliens ooo-d and awww-d. N they gave me a million dollars and lots of steroids. Also a cool spensive car that you haven't even heard of yet.

Uploaded 04/19/2013
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