A Republican I might consider giving my vote for executive offic

There's not a lot out there for me, federally, for a Republican candidate.  Governor Sandoval?  He's gutting education here.  We're losing $400 million out of a $1.2 billion dollar budget.  Yes, there's talk about changing legislation to end our collective bargaining rights.  He's a douchebag.  Maybe not as bad as Walker, but a douche.


We've got unions hard at work for us here in Nevada, we have the lowest graduation rate to spending ratio by a wide margin.  Our "salary comfort index" is 45th in the united states.


Mitch Daniels cut education spending and got rid of collective bargaining in Indiana almost a decade ago.  They've got the fourth highest graduation to spending ratio.  Their "salary comfort index" is eighth.  They've got a better benefits package for retirement than I have too.


I'm leary about government taking away my clout to keep them from fucking me.  I have little confidence in it.  I don't think state government has my best interests at heart.  Indiana teachers got a pretty good fucking deal without one.


What's more, Daniels is a conservative douche, but he's got a different line of bullshit than most Republicans.  He wants a truce on all social issues in government.  No more wasting time on Roe v. Wade or gay marriage in congress right now, please.  Every second you waste trying to redefine rape is one more second you're not doing your fucking job.  He's also breaking ranks by saying the defense budget should take AT LEAST its fair share of abuse.


I'm not sold, but I'm listening to him.


Fuck all you knee jerk dumbasses whole say, with a straight face, that Obama is the worst president in history.  Fuck all you birthers.  Fuck all you Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright side tracked bullshitters.  Fuck all you Muslim speculators.  Fuck all of you people who expected the economy to be fixed by now. 


But there's not a lot about Obama that I'm happy about lately.

Uploaded 03/10/2011
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