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Me and my buddys had a discussion similar to the "if you found $1000" question. let me throw this one at you. It came about with some stuff i heard in the news and it happened more than once.


What would you do if you found a bag of money that fell off the back of an armoured car? Im pretty sure the amount in the bag each time was well over the 100K range.

Well the guy who actually found the money brought it to the cops. also im pretty sure theres a clip of the news report on this site. anyway this guy found a shit load of money on the street while he was on his way to work and he brought it to the police station. no reward for it, nothing.

So then me and my friends start talking about it and they all had terrible ideas: " i'd invest it, i would buy a car, ect ect"

now im an accountant, specifically a tax analyst and heres what i said i would do

#1 - Buy a huge safe, one that bolts into the floor and can fit all this money

#2 - dont touch it for at least 2 months, let people forget that some idiot armed gaurd dropped a shit load of money then start using it

#3 - never invest it, never buy anything major with it, i would use this cash every time i go out, go shopping, get groceries buy gifts for people. buy gas shit like that. dont use it to pay off credit cards or anything like that, just use it in instances where you can pay cash and no one would ever think twice about.

by buying large items that get traced and taxed annually like a car, house or putting it in any bank account you will screw yourself.

If only it sould have happened to me.

What would you guys do.

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