A response to why the world is the way it is.

This is in no way saying that letemdangle's blog is wrong, or a flame.   Just my take on sociopaths. 


I'm going to start with the video and web behavior.   The video appeared to blame all of the worlds problems on sociopaths.  It called politicians sociopaths; I dont give them that much credit, they are regular old morons to me.   The difference between the indirect harm that someone in higher power causes vs the harm that a malicious individual does directly is simply that:  Indirect vs direct.  When its direct, its personal.  You see the harm done.   When someone in higher power does it, they are not seeing the harm.   They may hear the numbers, but do not actually see you suffering.   It is MUCH easier to avoid the guilt.  It still makes that individual a piece of shit, but not quite a mental disorder.

Its the same as showing sociopathic behavior online.  Yeah, we all see what puberty rage can cause on here. But if you were in person, no doubt they would behave very differently.  The computer allows them to hide from themself in a way.   The reality doesnt exist here.


One point on the video that got to me was how the guy mentioned that if you have something and the sociopath wants it, you are bad and he is good.  I didnt like the analogy of robbery.  Its more of a rush thing.   Im a card carrying adrenaline junkie.  Stealing isnt my thing, but I know the rush way too well.  Its addicting.   Here's my experience with robbery:  I hit some hard times a while back.  I didnt have the money and I NEEDED money.  I honestly considerring robbing someone.  I own a gun.  I know how to use it.  Im not stupid.  I thought it over.  I was ready.   I changed my mind because of one thing:  My apartment was broken into 3 times and I have not gotten over it.   I dont sleep well to this day.   I refuse to allow someone else to feel that.  So maybe I do have a conscience.  For a sociopath its not an issue of good or bad.  Its an issue of desire.  I want it.  Nothing else.  Our best examples of sociopaths didnt exactly rob anyone.  Shoplifted and stole, but never robbed at gunpoint or anyhting.   That is something different.


Before I start, it is my belief that sociopaths are born and not created, but todays society is doing a damn good job of helping people get as close to the real deal as possible.   

Sociopaths have a strong sexual desire behind hurting people.  And yes, it escelates over time.   Its like when you were younger, playboy was the greates thing on earth.  Then playboys stopped being awesome and you thought, "yeah, she's got great tits and all, but damn, I want to see her fuck!"  So you went out and bought a hustler.  Im not sure if that analogy still works with the internet being so readily available with the 14 year old clicking "yes, Im 18. ENTER." 

The following is my personal experience with the grey area of sexual pleasure in harming others.     When I was in college, I dated a girl who HAD to be hurt.   She wanted me to choke her, get rough, leave some bruises, etc.  At first, this was hard, But before long, I was a fucking pro(get it?).   The thing is, I got the the point where I loved it.   I like being rough.  I like the power and control over someone.   Vanilla sex just inst that great.  Yeah, I got hard, but climax was harder.   Asking someone if they are into this is a tough question to ask someone.   Try telling a girl on your first date that you are going to rape her this week.   Ok now an explanation on that last sentence.  I dated another girl who hada rape fantasy.  So I decided to recreate it.   I told her that I was going to rape her in one week.   She knew me and was ok with this threat and even hoped that I would follow through.   One night, I invited her to the park. Told her to meet me in a certain dark place. And took her.   She knew it was me.  Least she was pretty sure.  Sure enough not to fight back and allow herself to enjoy it.  Plus there was that little part in her mind that made her question, and that made it more fun for her.  And she did enjoy it.   I did too.  It was wrong.   Naughty.   Taboo.  Sociopathic and dangerous.    We talked about it afterward as well.  Does that make me a bad person ora sociopath? Id say no.   This is why bondage is so popular.  Its the fantasy of being taken advantage of.     Others who dont understand that most of this was her putting things in motion would disagree with me.  


So back to my issue of escelation, that is something that I NEVER would have done had I not been introduce into this when I was younger.  Yes, I allowed it to escelate;  In the same direction that a sociopath would. Minus the killing and actual rape.    Now if anyone here knows me, they know that I dont like hurting people.  I am a very gentle guy.   I dont like fighting.   I hate hurting people(when we both arent getting off on it).  I volunteer alot.   I love helping others.  I literally dont have any umbrellas because I keep seeing people walking in the rain and have to give it to them.  My point is that I dont see myself as a bad guy.  Just a guy with a taboo sex drive.   A very taboo sex drive. 





 Now I need to give a disclaimer, everything that Ive done has been consentual.  That or she totally had it coming.   Kidding. 

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