A Romance Platy and Thadeus

While working out his thighs at the nude gym, Platy was really working up a sweat. Lord Infamous walked by noticing his fellow gym member really sweating offered some help. "Here youngblood, have my water, you sexy, sexy animal." Platy, who was not really interested in Lord, didnt accept his offer for the water. "Hey brah, im jacked, ripped, and the last two words i used, make up the name of a serial killer. Man, your going to suck my dick, whether you like it or not." Lord then grabbed Platy by his neck and begin pushing him into the bathroom.

Platy tried to yell but Lord put his hand over Platy's mouth. Seeing a man holding another man really tight at the nude gym wasnt anything out of the ordinary so nobody thought twice about Lord dragging Platy by his neck across the gym floor. As they headed toward the doorway, a small, moustached, slick back haired man got in the way. "Your not going anywhere Lord, I will be damned if i see a fellow gym member be raped. Not on my watch" Lord was shocked that a little moustached man would stand up to him. "If you dont get out of the way old man, ill slice my dick down the middle and fuck both of you at the same time" Lord then tried to power through the doorway.

The moustached man held his ground and gave Lord a smooth kick to the sack. Bare foot to bare sack action! Lord grasped his sack in pain and Platy broke free, hitting the floor gasping for air. Thadeus went to throw another kick but this one was caught by Lord. Lord now had Thadeus foot in hand, and was now going to unleash the beating and rape of a lifetime. He threw Thadeus into the brick wall like a rag doll by his foot. Thadeus was unconcious. Lord then proceeded to mount Thadeus and begin his rape. But before he got his dick hard enough to enter it into Thadeus' ass, Platy had regained his air, grabbed a 50 pound free weight and bashed it into Lords face, crushing every bone. Lord was bleeding everywhere and eventually passed out.

When Thadeus awoke, he was in Platy's arms. Both naked. "Platy, you saved my asshole" Platy began to tear up, remembering how it was Thadeus who first saved him. "Thadeus, you saved me first by standing up to Lord, how can i repay you." Thadeus thought for a second and came up with the perfect idea for repayment.

"A group, on ebaumsworld, just for me would do the trick"


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