A round of applause to creepinjennie

Hi Ebaum's World.  It is your favorite User gonePostal.  I figured it was time to write my own blog for the very first time. 

I was tired of copy and pasting muriano69'stuff (however his name is spelt).  So,  I just wanted to thank my biggest fans!  You know who you are, I am feeling snuggly!  I am feeling Sparky!  I am feeling 69! I am feeling the crab avatar, I am feeling....forget it.  Anyways if you didn't get the previous sentence, certain users did.

I would like to thank creepinjennie for cleaning up the blog section.  You know there are a few of you User's who really suck ass and post really shitty blogs.  It's not the obvious shitty one's either, it's the one's you actually think are good.  Then you few users actually insult other user's blogs, like you are the benchmark of all blogs!  Wow, how fucking stupid are you?

Anyway, it felt good to write a blog, I am going to write and/or copy and paste more blogs in the near future (I don't care if you care).

Alright, let the comments begin!  Everybody but five user's can say what they want without being harrassed by me.  I love it! 

creepingjeenie is the best moderator since fatso Bauman (or however it's spelt) started putting moderator's (because he is too lazy to do it himself).  Good job fat Eric. 

Thanks for deleting some of my comments.  I would hate to have my non-funny ones kicking around.

disclaimer*  I did not use spellcheck so STFU.




Uploaded 07/26/2008
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