A Sad day in Florida

Today is truly a momentous and sad day here in Florida, I'm not talking about the Trayvon Martin killing or the resultant arrest of the white Hispanic George Zimmerman, This is much more important!

What I am writing about today is a direct affront on the civil liberties and rights of one of our most respected and cherished groups of citizens. Also I have to admit to my own guilt in reporting to you something I represented as fact but instead was just wishful thinking. For that I am truly penitent and I do apologize sincerely.

Some time ago I stated that the law banning Dwarf tossing here in Florida was repealed and that all and sundry could again participate in this ancient and honored pastime. Since the early 80's Dwarf tossing here in FL has been banned by statute (something about dignity and taking advantage of certified people with disabilities).  I was ecstatic at the news and I jumped the gun in saying the law was repealed.

Imagine my horror when I learned today that State Rep Waterman (sponsor of the bill)  had let it die in the state house due to lack of interest and some pushback from (of all things) PACs associated with little people (as if the could get enough dwarfs in one place to do anything without a tiny car or a circus)!  I guess they threw enough dwarfs onto the phones to persuade him to let sleeping dwarfs lie.

So as I stated at the beginning this is indeed a sad day for us here in the Sunshine state, I also may be involved in various criminal activities, because while I personally have not thrown any dwarfs I have been present at the occasional "tossing"

I offer this blog as a tribute to a lost sport and pastime that has a long and storied tradition throughout history, Guess I may have to move to a more liberal state ..... like Arizona.

Lookin over my shoulder for the Dwarf tossing cops

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