A Secret Operation From AW Smith pt. 3

So my aunt has been wanting me to not allow my grandma to vote for Obama, by any meant neccessary

So I tried sabotaging her Cadillac

I have tried medicating her with allergy medication

I was running out of ideas.

So today I asked granny if she needed anything for me to do for her so she could stay in the house.

Man that old bat had me do a whole bunch of shit

Post Office this, grocery store that.

Then she wanted me to go pick up her friend 45 minutes away so that they could play dominos like convicts for 5 hours.  I guess when you get old you have nothing better to do.  While the two were playing they kept talking about the Clintons (  It made me want to put my finger down my throat and puke up everything I had ingested that day.  Alas, I was able to keep everything down. 

I was thinking about using ugdork's idea of telling granny that voting was all done on home computers this election, but she would have called into CNN or her elected officials and verified that.  Then I would have been screwed because my cover would be blown. 

After I took her friend home at 2:00pm, she wanted to go get her nails done.  I told her that was a bad idea.  She didnt question my judgment, and sat down to work her sudoko, or whatever it is called, puzzle.  I then told her I was going to mow her lawn. 

After getting done, I closed her garage.  A thought came in my head to dismantle the garage door so that she would not be able to leave, thus me not having to hang out with my grandma the next day to prevent her from voting for Obama.  I took out three bolts from various locations that would hopefully serve my purpose.


~AW Smith

Uploaded 10/25/2008
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