A Secret Operation From AW Smith pt. 4

So every attempt that I have, well, attempted had failed.

My aunt wants me to prevent my grandma from voting...for Obama.  I am so sick of politics that I could pull my hair out and scream at the same time.  All I want is for this election, and all the local elections to be over.

This morning she called me and asked me to take her up to the grocery store for early election, she also had to get 48 cans of chicken noodle soup and a pear.

So I went over and picked her up.

On the way over there I drove as slow as possible, trying to come up with a game plan on what to do.

We parked, and entered the store.  She wanted to get the soup and pear first, since there was a ong line.  The whole time she was telling me about how much better of a president Obama would be over "that other guy".  I was white-knuckling it, wanting to yell in her direction my distrust for all politicans.

We went thru the line, the cashier said the total.  My grandma looked over at me like a dog wanting a biscut.  I pulled out my wallet, and swiped my credit card in the machine.  We headed back over to the election line.

We were waiting when it hit me.  Bomb scare.

I had watched Road Trip the night before and was going to do what the chick at the end does, report a bomb scare.

I asked my grandma for her pre-paid cell phone and went outside.  I told her that my phone had died.  I dialed 911, lowering the tone of my voice, and said I was going to blow up the grocery store.  I then hung up, wiped the phone with a sanitary wipe that I got from my grandmothers purse, and threw it into a trash can. 

I walked into the Radio Shack next to the grocery store and bought the same model phone my granny had, with some of those minute cards too.

My grandma all the way back to her house was talking about how terrorists had been able to run rampant in the country with Bush in office.  I was just glad that I had been able to keep her from voting for another day.


~AW Smith

Uploaded 10/26/2008
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