A Site Into A Nuclear Blast... pun intended.


As a nerd of mediocre level as well as an avid appreciator of post apocalyptic genre themed.. well, anything. I like to toy with the thoughts of being hurled into a world where a nuclear attack is the definite threat facing humanity and how I and those with me (if any) would react and most importantly.. survive. This being a conversation that has come up quite often over the many, many.. many years, I've heard hundreds of plans involving the restructuring of strongholds, reformed ways of security, possibilities in firearm control, agriculture control (if that's a possibility) and a proper form of food distribution as well as darker topics such as the formation of malicious gangs, branding prostitution into common trade against ones' will, and of course.. one of my most feared.. simply cannibalism. Engaging your friends and family into topics such as these are not only entertaining in my opinion, but informative as well as it offers a great opportunity to get to know those closest to you and discovering everyone's best traits to situate their position properly in your newly formed post apocalyptic plan for survival. 

Which leads me to my point of this blog. I have recently been directed by a friend to a site that I found quite interesting and helpful to say the least. is an interesting and fun website that allows you to enter your residing city and in turn estimates the likelihood of your area being targeted by a nuclear bomb or at least being within it's blasting radius. As it turns out, where I currently reside would be extremely lightly effected in terms of physical damage by any blast.. however.. eventual long term damage would result in affecting such things like the weather. I'll be snow boarding in a nuclear winter extravaganza.

Knowing this little bit more of information can obviously be detrimental to the formation of your plans. Even more so, don't be afraid to nerd out even farther by checking  the layout of the land around you. Possible surrounding mountains may offer a break against the blow of one of those nasty buggers.. maybe not much, but whatever helps right? You can find all this information by checking your local topography maps online or of course, at your local library.

Uploaded 11/15/2011
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