A slippery slope.........

Everyday I hear more and more bull shit going on in the world. Today I heard something that just doesn't feel right or sound right. If you are going to comment on this and are anti Bush then lets get this part out of the way............Bush bad and republicans are bad and they did bad stuff when they were in office. I hope this was good enough because unlike a lot of people I dont necessarily Blame the president for this but here is what's  happening. The federal Government is telling banks how much to pay their employees and I know what you are thinking "well they took our money" no this is what they are doing to banks even though they didn't borrow money from the federal government. I just dont see how we can stand by and allow this to happen because this is the PERFECT example of a slippery slope. It wont be long folks until they start telling everybody how much they can make. I hope Tomlet is out there and will explain this to a free American who it seems will not be for long.  This guy although a Democrat can still see common sense. OK now go back to talking of poop and other important stuff.


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Uploaded 05/20/2009
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