A Solution to Many Things

I have stumbled upon the solution to many of our problems or perceived problems. The solution for world hunger, CO2 gas emissions,  expanding farm lands that destroy natural forest, high blood pressure, strokes, fears of over population and even cancer.

The solution is a single celled organism called Chlorella. It is an algae that converts CO2, water, trace elements and sunlight into 45% protein, 20% good fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fibre, and 10% minerals and vitamins. And it is green, which we all adore. 

After the second world war  there were many hungry people around the world and Chlorella was studied as a possible food  supplement. The fear from Malthusians was there wasn't enough farm land on the planet to feed the ever growing world populations. So some researchers studied Chlorella and did conclude it would be an excellent food source. Albeit, some obstacles had to be solved, that would require money and research. It is still grown and sold today as a health supplement. Of course, in time, farms became more efficient, yields grew and now we eat too much. Just like sixty years ago the fears by Malthusians that world population is a problem, again their fears can be removed with this simple plant.

After the initial studies concluded it had potential, the good ol' boys from The Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation took a deep interest in it and took over further studies into the organism. Well not only did it provide an excellent food it had excellent health benefits. Reduced blood pressure, fought off cancers, reduced the chances for stoke, etc.  The most interesting thing about it, is that it is one of the most powerful organisms known to man that tenaciously clings itself to heavy metals before being ejected from your body. Of course, we all know what happened to Chlorella as a food source after our friends studied this wonderful plant. 

So here we have a single celled algae that can convert CO2 to food which will help reduce the possibility of man made global warming, it helps fight disease, can keep your health in check and would be an excellent food source to fight world hunger. 

Will it ever be produced in large enough quantities so we can all enjoy it's benefits? Not a chance in hell, big Pharma would stamp it out.  Oh you can still get it, but at $24 for 120 tablets not many people are going to be able too afford it and it is too expensive to fight world hunger. 

Oh well, just another simple solution to some world problems that will never be utilized, because it might actually work.

Uploaded 03/15/2012
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