A South African possibility...

In South Africa, anything even remotely political in nature, has potential to be headline news!!


for example...I let my mind run a little with this one.....



Its 'Previously Marginalised Word Day' everyone!


what`s the deal here..? 

A parole hearing of sorts, where any word deemed to have suffered marginalisation or expulsion from general conversation, has a chance to make a comeback, and with social-media being used as the platform, we can all look forward to hearty discussions, debate and comment. A crack-squad of diligent candidates belonging to  Parent/Teacher Associations of SA`s elite schools were selected to determine the winning word, as top school curriculum is deemed to be the appropriate point of entry for the winner during the year of the reign.


After the briefing, the Enigma Squad, as they`re now affectionately referred to, were locked in minutes & minutes of stern chatter, forceful displays of eyebrow-raising, over-my-spectacle-rim glaring & endless bic-pen clicking from behind the tuck-shop counter, where the inaugural winning word was decided upon and chosen. Boy, those old toffies sure looked frazzled!


the big reveal...

I`m thrilled to announce C.U.N.T as our very first 'Previously Marginalised Word Day' champion!! As the eventual, unavoidable winner, C.U.N.T was complimented on its versatility, as,  given the appropriate context, the words C.U.N.T.Y, C.U.N.T.I.S.H, C.U.N.T.L.Y and C.U.N.T.I.N.G are user-friendly and can decorate even the most informal chatter, to assert whatever point of view or opinion in jolly good style. For a person you know who requires some salt applied harshly to a wound, C.U.N.T.B.R.E.A.T.H is appropriate and effective in stealing/ruining a crowning moment.


the road ahead... 

C.U.N.T will soon be on the lips of our learners again, thanks equally to syllabus re-integration and C.U.N.T-themed workshops to be run by the Enigma team, encouraging variations to the actual word, with exciting new options for C.U.N.T in comparitive and contextual instances. Even that woman who sits behind the glass in the damp office says she`s been inundated with requests for C.U.N.T badges, blaser-pins and pen-and-pencil sets, and thats just the teachers. -


in closing... 

To say I`m enthused would be an understatement. I`m even more pleased that C.U.N.T will once again find its way into simple chit-chat, debate, general Parliament discussions/caucauses and hopefully evolve organically, to blend seamlessly into most school songs and/or tributes and themes going forward.


the moral of my bullsh*t....

imagine a world where physically verbalising something, purposely firing up your voice-box to mumble something, be it a naughty word or that hilarious joke, robs us of our right to react and oppose/support/act as a result of it. Not only are we already there (FB, Mxit, Twitter, BBM) but we`re the accidental accomplices, craving more of what we don`t need and demanding it be cheaper, faster, smaller, user-friendlier and 'the-less-i-do-the-better' is now the benchmark against which everything is measured.


talk to each other. talk to anybody. talk with voices. easy.

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