A "speck" of light... the end of the tunnel. For those who recall my pizza blog I promised a pizza party on me. Does tonight work? After my and Dangle's picnic lunch of fried chicken and the severed heads of my enemies of course.

I landed a part time cook job with an upscale Italian pizzeria. Not that Domino's or Pizza Hut shit! REAL old school, brick oven, goat cheese, artery clogging heaven. The kind of place where 'pies' are served not 'pizzas'. Also, real Italian spaghetti, manacotti, lasagna and all the 'ini's you can think of.

It's a really nice place actually. Shaped like a baseball diamond, front door is home plate. To the right are 10 tables and a bar. Yes, they serve alcohol...awesome! In the far right corner is a stage, they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights, even awesomer! To the left there are 10 more tables and a very nice salad bar. In the far left corner is a huge TV that the hostess explained plays 24hr sports, awesome! A small video game room next to the TV, awesomest!

I'm going to have dinner there later tonight. The hostess said the place bumps loud and fast on Saturdays. Invites go out to all! :)

Better mood Deunan

Uploaded 09/25/2010
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