A theory and some advice for all of you

I just got home from watching a movie in theaters. It's not important which, but just for the hell of it, I'll mention which one I watched: Hancock. As soon as I got out of the theater, I remembered a question that I used to ask myself, one that I've heard many others ask, and one that I now know the answer to: Why do people write stories?

I've found that the answer to this is very simple. We write stories because our lives are boring. Everybody has an outlet that they face for the simple reason that it is more interesting than their own lives. This may be playing music, listening to music, reading, watching television, watching movies or writing stories.

I started writing my own book recently, and have found myself to be completely entralled in it. Anything I want to happen can happen, but doesn't always. I've found that even if you start writing your own book with an ending in mind, the story will change, because as Stephen King has said, "a good story writes itself, and there's no controlling where it goes."

I urge all of you to start writing, no matter what the story is, because you'll find that you'll always be in a better mood, and you'll enjoy life more. Most importantly, you'll find your life is more exciting, which if you are wasting time on the internet, watching videos and reading blogs, you need more excitement.

Please, let me know what you think of what I have said, and if you take my advice, let me know what kind of impact it has had on your life.

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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